How It Works

On TFG Crowd, the “crowd” refers to people like friends, family, customers, and anyone who believes in your business model. “Investing” signifies securing sufficient funds for your project, artwork, or growth. And “capital” is what you need to get your venture off the ground.

In essence, crowd investing is when a network of individuals joins forces to provide capital for someone’s business, artistic endeavor, or project with the goal of seeing it come to fruition. This funding approach harnesses the collective potential of many people and often rewards investors, donors, and backers with incentives, either financial or in-kind.

TFG Crowd

Step one
User makes investments in the project (money deposited in TFG crowd sub-account)

Step two
The full amount of the loan is transferred to the borrower after signing all the documents

Step three
The borrower repays the interest payments. The loan principal is repaid

Step four
Investment interest and principal are automatically transferred to the user’s account

TFG Crowd simplifies and secures the crowd investing experience for both businesses and investors. Investors enjoy a smooth investment journey in projects they align with, while businesses gain access to financing solutions tailored to their specific requirements and capabilities.

We foster a collaborative community where investors and entrepreneurs can connect, build meaningful relationships, and achieve shared success. Join our thriving community today and unlock the potential for future growth.

TFG Crowd crowd investing empowers a wider range of people to participate in the investment process.

TFG Crowd

The P2P lending landscape is continuously evolving, and TFG Crowd intends to keep up with it every step of the way.

Above all, our aim is to keep the investments made through our platform as safe and secure as possible, so that investors can rest assured they have made the right decisions.

We at TFG Crowd are therefore continuously making adjustments to our platform to ensure we are always ahead of the curve, complying with existing rules and regulations in the market.